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For those who desire to produce a professional musical album, the costs of such production are negotiable; contact us to make an appointment.

Do you have a musical line, or lyrics for a song that you would love to have a musical arrangement for? Please contact us for an appointment.

The production of a demo can be done without the aid of a producer/technician, although it is extremely recommended to call upon a professional who knows production methods and the market. At Media BCD, we offer the demo production services in one simple and affordable solution. Mastering services for CD’s are also available for the same price, but it is recommended to do business with dedicated mastering professionals.

Without worries, we offer one unique price that includes the services of an experienced technician/producer and the studio rental. Audio postproduction for video is also available.

  • Audio mixing, audio recording and demo production: 35$ / hour
  • Concert recording or on location recording, equipment included: 50$ / hour + studio mixing time not included

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