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Mélina L'acadienne

Mélina L'acadienne Leclerc

Nothing better than a good team to reach (affect) the success!

I am the Presenter - holder of the broadcast; "Mélina L'acadienne reçoit…!", which of 2003-2005 held the number 1 rank for listening at the TV-community of CTGC Châteauguay, now TVSO.  The Broadcast which, by popular request, continued for a long time in reruns after my departure.

However, such a success demands a competent team as high as the expectations of the media management team, as well as of the auditors. It is necessary to say that I was surrounded with a team next generation, young, dynamic and meticulous.

Today, I see this team becoming more and more individually autonomous and I am very proud of it!

It is enthusiastically that I recommend you Emmanuel Chayer, who, at that moment, was my taker and mixer engineer by excellence. Very attentive to details and care of his work, Emmanuel will doubtlessly know how to answer your expectations cheerfully, conscientiously and with reliability.

Knowing that he will fast know how to settle a mutual trust between his new family company and his clientele, I already perceive an immense success at the top of small and medium sized business'  to the satisfaction of all.

The best of luck to your company, you Emmanuel, as high as your merits and Bravo for this convincing initiative!

Mélina L' Acadienne Leclerc
Presentator, broadcast;
Brunch Country, Radio Lasalle 100,1fm
Columnist; MC Gilles shop, channel V

André Desrochers

André Desrochers

It's a hard business, that of the artistic creation in Quebec! If Denys Arcand, Denis Villeneuve and Jean-Claude Lord (to name only those) were forced to join their Curriculum Vitae, during the deposit of their last project to institutions , I can understand that Emmanuel Chayer, a taker; a magician of sound, a musical arranger-creator, feels the need to reassure you by presenting you letters of recommendation …

Although it is his first "official" attempt to coordinate a complete studio, this accomplished sound technician has created numerous music programs in the televised community for almost 3 years.  It is not his first steps in "sound direction".

I have the shootings of broadcasts "Mélina L' Acadienne" particularly in mind, at the beginning of the 2000's when Emmanuel also had to include interviews with the musicians and work in the "live" performances of the country  singers.

Stuck between a novice director, whimsical artist and obsolete equipment of the budget-less televised community, he splendidly knew how to adjust and fine tune inaccuracies so that the broadcasts he worked with became that with the highest ratings on the Vox Channel (MAtv) of the Montreal sector for 2 consecutive seasons.  The broadcasts even being retained on channel 900 for Straightaway viewing at any time of the day.  Emmanuel managed, in spite of the pitfalls, to create a reliable climate for the sound, allowing the rest of the team to focus on the technical progress, the sets to be finalized and the interviews to be prepared. These are essential qualifications in this business.

The "sound" is and always remains, in spite of the new technologies, the poor child of broadcasting. We install an omnidirectional microphone which gets everything and anything. We purchase a small microphone and we record on our computer the voice for a "homemade" cd. We then transfer the whole thing onto You Tube and Twitter.  "Not problem if we can't hear anything, my clip full of visual effects, will be seen". That's the view of some creators of videos put on the internet.  Emmanuel's studio will use his technical knowhow and ingenuity to give you the best sound recording quality. Furthermore, the project of educational material on CD for the education of music, will come to improve this underestimated art "of the sound" while participating in the implementation of the next generation.

Hoping that these lines will have convinced you of the potentials.

André Desrochers

Sylvain Primeau

Sylvain Primeau

I had the opportunity to work with Emmanuel Chayer on several occasions including some television productions.

The first time that we had the occasion to work together is for Mister Gennady during the fall of 2002. It was a religious satellite weekly program for a Toronto based satellite channel. I was the director and Emmanuel acted as the sound technician. He worked professionally and worked the same way with the guests.

After that, we worked together at Chateauguay's community television CTGC inc., now TVSO (MAtv) in 2003 on the program "Mélina L'acadienne reçoit…!". Emmanuel always worked hard and made everything to obtain the best sound possible with available material. He was in charge of the sound recording during the interviews and worked with different singers and musicians during the program.

Sylvain Primeau
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